Surfer, ballroom dance instructor, software developer, vintage car collector and the producer/director of a documentary film shot entirely on location at the wreckage of the Titanic, Werner Mayes might be the most interesting interior designer in the world.

Werner grew up in Southern California, having had his first exposure to design when his grandfather built the Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach. He also worked with Grandpa  building custom homes in Monarch Bay and Three Arch Bay, which helped to define his design sensibility. After studying architecture and interior design at UCLA, Werner rose to become head of production at Swimmer, Cole, Martinez, Curtis (SCMC), then one of the top interior design firms in the U.S.

In 1991, Werner opened Antennae, a hugely successful home furnishings store located in Studio City. Soon after, at the behest of several of his clients  he started designing interiors again. His work has been featured in magazines like L.A. Style, and also includes commercial interior design for companies such as Turner Pictures, Sony and several Westside post production facilities.

Werner took a detour from interior design when he was recruited to become a post producer. So successful was he that Werner founded his own post production house – Union Editorial – which he ultimately sold after a few years to return to his true passion. He launched North Design in 2011, and has not looked back since.

Werner’s aesthetic is based on clean lines, symmetries and romance. His projects are full of detail and curated to evoke and emphasize a quintessentially comfortable Southern Californian style. In Werner’s hands, a home becomes a rich canvas for a collection of classical elements, oftentimes a blend of mid-century furnishings and sensuous natural materials installed to sublime effect.

But design alone does not make a man. Werner can also fence, ride horses (English, of course), play polo collects vintage european cars and mixes an outstanding martini.